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Active Member
Jul 26, 2009
Sydney Australia
I have a test rig with Windows7 x64 Ultimate on a WD Blue Spinner Drive.
It refuses to run CHKDSK from CMD or Safe Mode.
Have run sfc /scannow a number of times.
Run so many scans including Eset on line.
Any clues to as to why?
Not often I need help however this is one of those times.:)


Active Member
Jul 26, 2009
Sydney Australia
Not at all, Cindy.
Adding Flags makes no difference.

I was thinking of doing a Fred Langa non destructive reinstall if I can't find a fix.
That's a last resort and not sure that would fix the problem anyway.

Tony D

Jan 18, 2016
SE Pennsylvania, USA
If you're bringing up a Command Prompt (running as Administrator) and typing "chkdsk", what do you get as a response?

If you're right-clicking on the drive > Properties > Tools > Check Now, what do you get as a response?

If neither of these work, then I suspect the chkdsk program is missing or not where it should be.

Can you run chkdsk by booting to an install disk > Command prompt?


Malware Removal Specialist - Administrator
Jul 16, 2014
To borrow a word from Cindy, chkdsk seems to be farkled.
If it is, then surely it should run from the install disc:

  • Insert the original Windows disc.
  • Restart your PC and boot from the disc.
  • Click Repair your computer.
  • Choose the operating system from the list.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose Command Prompt.
  • When it opens, type the command: chkdsk /f /r
  • Press Enter.


Active Member
Jul 26, 2009
Sydney Australia
Yes Tony.My mistake.I am sick and overtired.My bad
I went elevated command prompt, typed in CHKDSK /r said Y and on reboot now i have nothing but a black sceen. Absolutely wont boot now.


Active Member
Jul 26, 2009
Sydney Australia
Thanks Bill for posting in my absence.
To be short the hard drive was Farkled (Cindy's expression)
Computer shop had no WD Blacks so pulled a secondary HDD out of another Computer.
Erazed the OS, formatted and cloned this OS to the the spinner drive.
Tested the clone and worked flawless.
Run CHKDSK and worked perfect. The faulty HDD gets the hammer tomorrow as I never want to see it again.
The faulty drive threw up so many errors I was not familiar with.
Thanks everyone who helped me with this problem. Much appreciated.
Here is CHKDSK on the HDD I just cloned to.
All working great.