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Nov 23, 2010
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Hi All

I set my VB5.0 app as the default MultiMedia player. Where do I pick up the file name / path info?

I'd use it for .txt, mpg, mp3, jpg , bmp etc

Never thought I'd have the need for Fast Forward in Video but have added that feature. It's a great way to check out surveillance video and to more clearly see slow moving cloaked objects I have video of.
Nov 19, 2003
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Let me dust off my old Visual Basic skills. There is a file system OCX you can use in your app to search for specific files or you can use it to open files. You'll have to code what you want it to do. You can also use file i/o API to open specific files by specifying a path in the APP.
Nov 23, 2010
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Slow moving cloaked objects hmm.... you have my attention.
Yup they are there and have been for billions of years.
In this original file the action is from 60 seconds through 83 seconds.
I made the changes necessary so I could watch this segment fast forward and in reverse for a number of times. The slow moving cloaked one shows better that way.

There was a flurry of thunder and lightning bugs that first caught my eye. A visitor noticed the smudge moving across the screen. One of the bugs moved right up to where the cloaked object was.

I have been obsessed with them since I first spotted them flitting about in my videos. Shows an object similar to a tobacco leaf. Note wet leaves don't fly and dry leaves don't bend. This was doing both. There are 8 or 9 passes this flyer made.

Another is:

a tiny speck flys right up to a sparrow. The bird fluffs up his feathers right before the close encounter.

I have a number of others but these are the best ones.
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