Dell 1505 laptop registry prompt.


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Hey guys, on startup there is always this prompt below which I have to click ok to close, any way to prevent that prompt please?

Windows- registry recovery
One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered bu use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful.



Seems to be a corrupt user profile I found this on the Dell site and it seems to have worked for a few people.

1. Create a new user account with administrative rights on the affected machine. Navigate to the affected user's profile directory and copy ntuser.dat to a folder named backup on your C: drive.

(example for a user named dave: copy c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ntuser.dat to c:\backup)

2. Once you have backed up the ntuser.dat file, overwrite it with the one located in c:\windows\repair\

(example for a user named dave: copy c:\windows\repair\ntuser.dat to c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ )

3. Log off the temporary account you have created and login to the affected user account and let windows fully load up. This will create a new ntuser.dat file under the user's profile.

4. Once windows has fully loaded up, log back out of the affected user's account and log back into the temporary account you made earlier.

5. Copy the ntuser.dat file you backed up earlier to the user's profile directory overwriting the new file that was created.

(example for a user named dave: copy c:\backup\ntuser.dat to c:\Documents and Settings\dave\ )

6. Log out of the temporary account and log back into the computer under the affected account and see if the problem is fixed.
The post at Dells site:

allheart55 (Cindy E)

Do you have the Service Tag, Mike?

If you don't, download Belarc to a flash drive and run it on the Dell.
It will show the Service Tag in the upper right hand side of the scan.

In the meantime, I'll check the PCI database for the drivers and see what I can come up with.


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The ethernet controller driver works [thanks] but the wireless is difficult to configure, I am trying to run updates now to see if it will help with everything.


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I got the sound back, now the wireless and dvd needs to work, when I try to run a DVD via WMP I am getting "a compatible dvd decoder is not installed on your computer", normally I would install VLC or MPC but is there a dcoder which will allow WMP to work?


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The wireless was not working before the owner brought the laptop here, my guess is the wireless card is shot, either that or it is not recognizing my network for whatever reasons


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Thanks, I normally recommend belkin at around $16 but yours does seem better. DVD does not show picture perfect with VLC, trying to update the video driver to see if that will help