Do network viruses exist?


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Apr 5, 2005
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Hey guys, I would like to confirm something with this situation please. Owner brought a dell laptop and this Hp Pavilion 23 pc with the same symptoms, on powering it's not recognizing a boot device. I had to reload win10 on the laptop and replace the HDD on this desktop and all was well but now both computers started showing the same symptoms again.

I could only suspect maybe some virus activity on her network causing the same problems with multiple pc's but she called verizon who told her there is no such thing as a virus being on their line, which I understand. What I am not understanding is why they could not send someone to check the network for viruses, not the line? Any thoughts/advice for her please?

p.s. I am seeing this info that yes viruses do exist on a network


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Jul 16, 2014
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Hi Mike,

When you say 'Network Virus' .... the malware doesn't live in the network itself.... But if a system is infected the malware can be spread to other systems within the network. (normally by way of file sharing)
This is why an infected system should be isolated from the other computers in a network to keep it from spreading infections.
It's also possible that the router can be come infected as well.
So i can see where Verizon are coming from when they say there is no such thing as a virus being on their line.

So if those 2 systems where connected to the same network then it's more than possible that they'll both be infected.
When you have had malware run through a network it's always best to reset the router as well.... just to make sure.
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