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As previously noted in another thread the move to the domain is complete. All previous links should re-direct properly. If you notice any broken links let me know so I can fix them.

Also the new default style is turned on. The old styles will remain for a short time. The style change goes hand in hand along with re-branding the site.

You may be logged out when you first visit on the new domain.
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Plastic Nev

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I had to go searching my passwords to find which one to log back in with too, not to worry. However, I am not that keen on this present skin, I honestly preferred the original one.


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I thought I'd been redirected to the wrong site :)
Once logged in, it reverted to the old look.
New layout seems a bit too radical for me.


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It is cold, drab and uninviting and unless you have 20/20 vision you strain your eyes to read the R/H/S text tree. Does not grab me in the slightest. Different yes but for all the wrong reasons.

allheart55 (Cindy E)

Just scroll down towards the bottom of the board, Lina.
Look at the left hand side and you should see Free PC Help Forum Default.

Click the drop down arrow and a windows will open.
You can change your selection from there.

exts red arrow.png


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I use the Blue also,Lina. Better for my eyes.:)
Dougie, at least we old-timers have a choice here,
thanks, AWS!

U.S. talk/news tv channels which wish to increase
viewership would do well to increase the font size
of the running breaking news on the bottom of the
screen and choose a better background color.

I suspect one particular channel with a large senior
audience attracts them because of the big fonts and
backgrounds which are easy on the eyes. I only
watch and listen to the single non-biased program it
carries. Often I'll put the remote on mute to read
its written running breaking news which for some
reason seems not as blatantly biased.

Sorry if I went off-topic. Feel free to delete.
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Plastic Nev

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Too many things are going over to stark black and white unpleasant graphic presentation, it's as if we are going back to the old days of black and white only, and small space saving text. A retrograde step in my mind.