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Nov 19, 2003
Joliet, IL U.S.A.
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ExTS staff are trying to come up with a time for the chat session that will accommodate all users. Our members are scattered all across the globe so we are looking to set the time so the members that would normally be in bed can make it.

As you know we will use TeamSpeak and have our own TeamSpeak server set up so we don't have to rely on an external provider.

To prepare for the ExTS official chat or if you want to try out TeamSpeak you can download the TeamSpeak client at:

Select the correct version, 32bit or 64bit, for your operating system.

There is also a version for IOS and Android if you would like to connect with your phone or tablet of choice.

Once you have installed the software and launch it for the first time you will get a wizard to help set up your microphone. Follow through each step.

After the wizard completes follow these steps to connect to the ExTS server.

Go to the Connections menu and click connect. You'll see the connection dialog as below.


Set the Server address to:
Use your forum username in the nickname field. No other information is needed.
Once you do that click connect and once connected you'll see the screen below.

If myself or anyone else in the chat room go ahead and holler at us. I try to be available whenever I am connected. If I am there and I don't answer right away I could be working on something and didn't hear the notification that some connected.

If you have any problems installing TeamSpeak or connecting to the server let me know.

I look forward to seeing you and talking to all of you.
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Nov 19, 2003
Joliet, IL U.S.A.
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You can also find our server by opening the server list, Connections > Server List.

You can find us by searching for extreme (we are 5th from top), tech (10th on list), extreme tech or extreme tech support (number 1 on the list)

Then all you have to do is connect from the list.
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