ExTS Will be Offline at Intermittent Times

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I am having some problems with the server this site is on. To troubleshoot it I have to take it offline. I am in the process of moving the site to another server.

At times you might not be able to get to the site. You might notice some quirkiness when on the site.

I have a powershell script querying the server from the backup server and if it finds the server went down it reboots it via the KVM. This causes a hard reboot, similar to unplugging the server, so when it comes back online you might get errors for a short time. After the script reboots the server it times out for 15 minutes and then runs a repair on the database. Each time the server has gone down today the database had the sessions table corrupted. The script truncates that table so if you happened to be logged in you'll get logged out.

At this point I am moving the site files over. I am about half done. The database is easy. I already set up the replacement server as a slave so the files databases shouldn't take long to sync up.

I'll update this when everything is moved.
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