Graphics Card OC question


Hi all,

I've got my Radeon 9500 overclocked a little, but have only dabbled with it. Im sure I have not pushed it to its edge.

I have a few questions. Which gives more performance: Core clock or Memory clock?

Should I push the core as high as I can before artifacts, then start inching up the Memory? Other way around? Inch both up at the same time?



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Overclocking the memory highly depends on the access times for it. So sometimes, core overclock will do you much better. The higher the access time for memory the harder it will be to overclock, which in turn means that you will have little gain. Check what kind of memory you have on your card, I hear that Samsung is high quality memory and has low access times.
Always try to increase only one at a time, that way it will be easier to figure out which setting is causing the problems. Also, remeber to do it in small increments.


Ok, thanks. I'll try that, and see what happens.

Not sure which memory I have. I've been told the 9500's were shipped with two different memory modules (The I memory was different from the L). I think I have the good kind. :)