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Initial information that would help us in diagnosing your Computer issues FASTER.

Make and model of Computer, Desktop, Laptop, Netbook etc. Bought or Custom built Desktop.

What Operating system, and what Hardware you have installed.

If you aren’t sure, then a small program called “SPECCY” Free version will assist us.

Download from HERE, then post a screen shot in your Thread.

First off we need a screen shot of your “SPECCY” index page.

This will give the Technicians a good starting point.

How to post a screen shot on PC HELP FORUM is covered HERE.

We recommend Windows own "SNIPPING TOOL"to post a Screen Shot or part thereof.

Good Windows "SNIPPING TOOL" Tutorial HERE, for those that require help.

If you have problems providing this information, Please ask.

If we ask for more information from Speccy or you feel that more information is needed:
Please post a snapshot of your PC.
Download and run Speccy as per the information above.
When your system has been analyzed ......
  • In the Menu bar, (at the top left) click File >>> Publish Snapshot
  • Click Yes >>> Copy to Clipboard
Please paste this into your reply.
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