If Windows Phone was no longer available what platform would you move to?

If Windows Phone was no longer available what platform would you move to?

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Recently headlines such as Windows Phone is Dead have dominated the tech press after Microsoft released their most recent earnings report. The report was very good overall but it had one significant blemish - Windows Phone.

In their second quarter report Microsoft revealed that only 4.5 million Lumia handsets were sold between October and December 2015. Two quarters earlier, April to June 2014, they had sold 10.5 million Lumia devices. That is more than a 50% drop in sales over a six month period but they did make major changes to the phone business starting in July 2015 so this is showing the direct impact of those changes.

If you keep an eye on social media then the last week has been an emotional roller coaster for fans of the platform. There has been wide ranging discussion about what exactly caused the demise of Windows Phone and what could save it however, I am not convinced there is just a single solution to solve this dilemma or that it is even recoverable.

So is it time to seriously consider other platforms? There is certainly not a lack of Microsoft apps and services on the two major platforms, iOS and Android, so which would you choose and why?

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One of the VP where I work refuses to use anything but a Windows phone. We switched to iPhones 4 years ago and he wanted to stay with Windows. He already told me he will continue to use what he has until it flat out stops working. Then he said I can switch him.
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