Intune-managed shared Android devices now support Microsoft Edge and Yammer

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Today, Microsoft Intune enables organizations to enroll Android devices into Azure Active Directory shared-device mode, so they can provide sharable mobile devices to their frontline workers. With shared-device mode, frontline workers have a simpler authentication experience, because they only need to sign-in and sign-out once whenever they use a shared device. For organizations using Intune, in addition to Microsoft Teams and Managed Home Screen, we are excited to announce that the ability for administrators to manage the Microsoft Edge and Yammer apps on Android devices is now in public preview in Intune.


At the start of their shifts, after signing into a shared device, frontline workers can use Microsoft Edge to look up answers they need to do their jobs efficiently – whether that is the shipping status of items to be delivered or answers to technical questions to resolve customers issues.


With Yammer, frontline workers can easily receive communications from leadership, get information on company mission and strategic priorities, and connect with communities that fit their interests.


When used with Intune's Managed Home Screen, administrators can also create a streamlined sign-in experience for both Microsoft Edge and Yammer, so frontline workers always know how to get started with their day.

At the end of their shifts, frontline workers can easily sign-out by selecting the sign-out button in any of their apps. This will remove any personal information from the apps that support the feature, so a worker can return the device for the next person to use. When administrators apply application protection policies from Intune, they can provide additional data protection so other apps do not leave data behind.

For more information on shared device mode, read the Azure Active Directory shared device mode documentation.

For steps to setup shared device mode with Intune, read the Intune setup blog.

For further guidance on deploying frontline solutions, read the frontline deployment documentation.

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