It's Official: Microsoft to Unveil "Next Chapter" for Windows on September 30

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allheart55 (Cindy E)


Well, the invite has finally arrived, and as expected, Microsoft will discuss what's next for Windows at a press and analyst event in San Francisco on September 30. This event will be enterprise-focused, as rumored, Microsoft told me.

Here's the invite.

There's not much to say yet, beyond a few tidbits:

Chapter 2. If you think of Build 2014 as Chapter 1 for the next Windows, you can think of this event as Chapter 2. There will be more chapters, so to speak, and what we see on the 30th won't be everything that's in the next Windows.

Not consumer focused. More specifically, this event is not focused on consumer features. Presumably, that will be saved for a consumer event.

What's next for Windows. No mention of Windows 9 per se. It's "the next Windows" and the event is about "what's next for Windows."

Not a product launch. The next Windows is happening later—April 2015, unless something has changed. So this isn't a launch. Just the next step.

The usual suspects. This event will be led by Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore.