Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Guide Makes You the Hero

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allheart55 (Cindy E)


As we have written about Windows 10 and the free upgrade offer that expires this summer we have talked about the expected spike of upgrades that should occur over the next two months as users on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems jump in to get their free entitlement to the new operating system.

Of course, there is some discussions happening out there on sites and social media about heavy handed methods being used by Microsoft to get users moved over to Windows 10 with the Get Windows 10 app. From my perspective, in my own circles and Windows 7/8.1 virtual machines I test with, I am yet to see or hear about unexpected/unwanted upgrades. Where there is smoke there is fire so something is happening however, getting to the bottom of it will can be challenging.

With that said, Microsoft is asking users to help with upgrades in other ways and the latest thing is a new Windows 10 upgrade guide that was published on the Microsoft Download Center this week.

The Upgrading to Windows 10: A simple hands-on guide for everyone is an 8 page (13MB) PDF based file that provides step by step instructions and encourages you to be the hero of your office or classroom by upgrading eligible systems to Windows 10 this summer before the free upgrade expires.

The current reception of Windows 10 is quite mixed even though there are over 300 million active users on the operating system each month so some of your co-workers might not be thrilled about the upgrade. Your best bet is to discuss this with them and your IT Support folks, if you have them, before you move forward with a summer of upgrades.

Source: winsupersite