Monitor issue with own build


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I am considering building or having built, a desktop. I recently purchased a new monitor and at a 'build it yourself site it said my monitor is inadequate for an i5 build which I tthought odd. It is:
Dell S2340 M. Could you please tell me if I should exchange this as I just bought it 3 days ago.
I think my cooler is too big for the case but am not sure if the door will open.

1- Intel core i5- 6600 K, 3.3.GHz, 6th generation, LGA 1151, hyper threading, [$219.00]

2- Tax $65

3- assembly $140.00

4- heat sink – Cool Master V8 GTS CPU cooler [ $100]

5- Board Asus Z 170 – Deluxe LGA 1151, ATX, Intel

[Need 64 byte, Bluetooth, WIFI, internet, USB 3.0 and 2.0, UEFI, legacy [$319.00]

6- DVD-RW -2 bays

7- Ram – Crucial Ballistix Sport, 16 GB, 2x8 GB, DDR 2400, $84.00 or EVGA

16 GB DDR4-2400 PC 3-1700 CL11 Dual Channel $74.00

8- Drives – (Now my C: says I use 37GB of a TB),

Crucial Max 200, 250 GB, mSata SSD $99.00 or

Samsung 850 EVO, 250 GB SSD $79.00 or

Samsung 850 pro 256 GB,SATA 1113D vertical SSD $116

?2nd internal drive HDD 250 GB and make room.

9-Windows Pro, no OEM, with flash drive to install and ? My Windows

address? $200.00

10- PSU –EVGA Super Nova 750 Watt, ATX $120

11- Tower –Mid or full for future video card ?? one side clear and side


12- LG internal Sata,24x DVD CD+/- R+W burner

13-- good onboard video card for future upgrade.

I think some of my parts are either incompatible or will not fit.
Any corrections appreciated.



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Yeah, I agree, that is really silly. There's nothing wrong with that monitor. And besides, CPUs don't communicate directly with monitors. They communicate with the graphics solution that then communicates with the monitor. This is why monitor "drivers" are not real drivers - they are information files (inf) used to tell the OS the model number and the resolutions it supports (so it can gray out the others).

I recommend you check out PCPartPicker to help build your system. It will tell you what is compatible and recommend a suitable size PSU too.

What do you mean by 2 bays with your first listed DVD? And why do you have it listed again?

And why not OEM Windows 10? It is a lot cheaper and since you are getting a DVD, you can install it from there.


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Thank you for the observation about the monitor; it is reassuring.
I am not hardware educated as you can tell so I probably erred and meant to say I need 2 bays in case I want to copy another DVD. I see the error + thank you for pointing it out.
I have been working on PCPartsPicker for hours but am having difficulties. I picked out parts I thought would be compatible only to find, from another person, the CPU cooler would not fit in the case and that the door would not open by .5 MM.
I also cannot find my parts picked out when I click on that link within the program after signing in. It did not show me my parts to date.
I am trying to find a compatible group of components and whatever else is necessary to the build to set them up as pick up at store at Micro Center which is right near me.


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Hi Peter.
If you tell us exactly what you plan to use this computer for (Games whatnot) it would greatly help us in advising what hardware you require and not be overkill for your needs.:)


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That is very nice of you as I have not had luck with folks going the distabce with this.
I was going to build as my post #1 indicates but was told,"My cooler is too big for the case but am not sure if the door will open." They advised instead of building my own to get a prebuilt with my features.
I just want a computer that I outlined in post #1 but apparently it has errors.
Thank you for your offer to help.

allheart55 (Cindy E)

Have you definitely decided to go with Intel?
I personally think that you can get more bang for your buck with AMD.
It depends on what you are using your computer for.


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In all fairness to you, a friend wrote and is helping. I would not want to consume your time with a duplication.
I cannot thank you enough for your offer and hope I can come to you again if things do not work out.
You and he are the only ones of many who were willing to go the distance and it means a lot.


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I have both Intel including i7 6700K Skylake and AMD.
I would go with AMD as Cindy suggests if it were me.Easier to overclock than Intel.
That cooler is humungus and there are coolers smaller which do the same job.
Good luck with your build.:)


I have a 4790k system and an AMD FX 6120 system (OC'ed to 4.6 ghz with a coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo) and I like them both. Both are very quick and do any job well, gaming included. Good luck with your system Peter and post back with any thoughts.