Need Assistance With Obtaining Upgrade App For Windows 10

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Apr 5, 2005
Alright guys, I am trying to upgrade to win10 for the first time, I just did a win7 recovery and it's running windows 7 Professional so I went to the SP1 download link given on page one in this thread and downloaded and ran the download :

showing in the attached screenshot

Then I restarted the pc but it does not show SP1, help please?



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Apr 5, 2005
Yes, of course. I am wondering if I downloaded the correct thing which is this below?



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Apr 5, 2005
Ok, bit confused here on how to get the pc to upgrade, I tried looking for the Media Creation Tool as Pete had recommended but I am guessing that tool is only to create a win10 bootable disk? If yes then I already have the disk but what I am seeking is to have the upgrade icon on this win7 pc and upgrade from there, is this not how it works or do I need to run a bootable win10 disk?

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May 5, 2015
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I take it that the upgrade notification is not showing on the right hand side of the bottom task bar?
To obtain that which is the starting point for the download and upgrade you need to have KB 3035583 installed in the Windows updates. If you can't find it in the installed updates, a normal search for updates may find and install it, otherwise it can be downloaded from Microsoft Windows Update. Check this out first as there may be other updates needed first.

As for the disk you have, it depends on which type of file is on it and may not be the upgrade path disk. I am a little confused about the source of the disk that you mentioned earlier as it may be a full install disk but without a product key. I am not sure that though.



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Apr 5, 2005
As is the case whenever I load any OS, first thing I do is install all available updates from the System and Security-Windows Update, right now it's showing "Windows is up to date, there no updates available for your computer". Also yes, the upgrade notification is not showing on the right hand side of the bottom task bar. What can i try next please?
The only thing that I can think of is to try this troubleshooter, Mike.

Microsoft has also released an automatic Fixit tool to fix this problem. This official tool will automatically scan your Windows and will find out the reason behind this problem. Once it detects the issues, it'll let you know and will help you in resolving those issues.
Download Get Windows 10 App Troubleshooter Tool

Let me know how you make out?


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Apr 5, 2005
Well this I am not getting, running that tool shows :

"Unsupported Version. The Get Windows 10 App is not available for this version of window"

He has win7 Professional SP1 on this machine. So does that mean that the upgrade is only available for certain versions of win7? If yes, does this mean his only recourse would be to purchase a retail win10 disc and license?

But wait, when I clicked on NEXT it now shows
Problems Found: Windows not up to date: Detected.