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I had a thread that mentioned a new build but was tied in with my monitor so I am starting a new thread. You indicated you might help me with my new build.

I mentioned a friend of mine was counseling me about a PC and showed me what he thought would be a good build. I don't know much about this so I thought I would get a second opinion, if you don't mind.
First, he selected an Intel an i5 processor. I thought my Dell XPS 8300 Intel i5 had hyper threading but learned only i7's have it. I do more than one thing at once and don't seem to need hyper threading. What do you think about the i5 choice over the i7?
To put this in context, his build would be about $700.
I am retired and the cost seems appropriate if the build is adequate.
I hope you can see the rest of the spec win the attachment.
I could attach a dongle later for blue tooth but I am confused if a desktop needs WiFi b/c that would mean a different board. What does WiFi do and is it necessary to most desktops? I have a fax with my printer.
Lastly, would I need a cooler or would a heat sink do? That may affect the case.
I would like a case where the side panel opens for work and also has one side that is clear and you can see inside. But that window is not a must. So, do you think this build ids a good one? I have a Micro center near me but they build it for you @$140. I have to get Windows as mine is pro from an upgrade and the servers would not recognize it on another pc. I hope it has some USB 3 with the USB2. Importantly "legacy would be nice for a low level user like me as I am unfamiiar with the UEFI and legacy would make it like the older BIOSto boot from.
Thaaaaaaaaaat's it for now.
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Bill M.

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Hi Peterr, the list looks OK with a couple of exceptions. I would choose a different brand storage HDD, Hitachi is not my favorite. Try Western Digital. I don't see a video card listed if you want to game. I would also select a different Power Supply like Seasonic or Antec. I'm certain there will be other suggestions to follow.
Given your comment in the other thread, you might want to consider a new Keyboard!


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I appreciate your corrections and will modify my list.
I have another build I would like to show you soon.
Thank you


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I tried to edit but I guess i was too late. Yes, a new keyboard may be in order. I am changing batteries as these rechargeable ones do not last very long. We will see if that makes a difference.
Thanx for the remimnder.




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I am weighing options; build, have Micro center build it, ordering from D..., or just getting retail.
I have one last consideration.
It is the OS. I have gotten different opinions. One is when you buy you power up and via a phone call you are activated for life with Windows 10. You can then either use Revo and IObit to remove clutter than make the recovery dvds and also make clean image, OR, after the activation call, reset and install cleanly.
What do you do if you buy the OS separately at a retail store? Keys seem to be a thing of the past so how does that work? You install but when it comes to activation do you call MS?
I was also told that D... will sell you a stick for $30 with the OS(.WIM) , and drivers.
If Micro Center builds it, and I want to install the OS do I contact MS to activate as I mentioned about retail?
So you see the OS has me a bit confused. I would not likely use the features of Pro but for the little $ would like to have it.
Than there are warranties to consider but they are less confusing as each speaks for itself. For example, if you have it built buy retail or order they cover the PC for the time you buy. if you build it you go to the manufacturer for the covered part per each part's terms.
I think I am closer to deciding but want to know what i m getting into so any suggestions would be appreciated.
P.S. legacy is in the board, correct?