New to ETS: Hi!


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Was going to say hello to donetao on his page, but do not see where to post that, so will need to look for a help page!

allheart55 (Cindy E)

Thank You! By the way, how do I put up a signature, like you have...(only my own)?
Hi shortordercook,

To add a signature to your profile, take your mouse and hover over your name at the top right hand window on the board.
In the drop down box select Signature. (Click on it.)


In the new window, type whatever you want to be in your signature and when finished, click on Save Changes.



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Hello shortordercook! I like your user name, it inspires an instant appetite!:p By a divine alignment of planets, the ever faithful ISPs, and primarilly donetao's perseverance and gracious invitation, I feel gifted by the delight of seeing your familiar & spirited self!!:):)
I am so glad you're here, too! What's for dinner???:pcheeseburger.jpeg