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Jan 9, 2018
Windows 10 Edge 16.16299
I normally use the UK version of the site ) but see some of the mods here also are from the UK site so am asking is there a problem with the site as I cant get to it. This seemed to happen yesterday after a W10 update and now another site which I have used for years is showing a security message saying the security certificate is not valid. Is this co-incidence or is this more general and are the two things related? Starbuck has helped me on several occasions on the UK site in the past.


Malware Removal Specialist - Administrator
Jul 16, 2014
Android Chrome Mobile 63.0.3239.111
Hi joddle,


Last week I found that there had been a web address change for some odd reason.
I haven't tried FPCH today, but it was working last night.
Like Cindy said.... there are a few issues with the site and we're waiting for the site owner to address them.
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