Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Ancient And Mysterious Feature Phone

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allheart55 (Cindy E)

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a brave band of explorers who comb the darkest corners of the world’s discount stores to find the ancient gadgets with inappropriately high prices. We call these finds “retail antiquities,” and share the explorers’ field notes with the world.

Walmart’s discounting practices make it a popular spot to find retail antiquities, and Richard found these treasures at one of the mega-retailer’s stores in New England. First up: the Kyocera Loft featurephone, which features a teeny but full keyboard, and went on the market back in 2010. It could still be a useful phone…but not for this price.

In the past, we’ve reviewed why a 56K modem is not necessarily obsolete or useless technology. However, this particular model of modem first came out in 2004. The Windows Vista logo on the box dates this specific item to sometime between 2007 and 2009. If you’re not experiencing a modem-related emergency, you can get one from Amazon for almost half the price that Walmart is charging here.

Source : consumerist

Plastic Nev

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Even Amazon are guilty of holding outdated and over priced stock at times.
When I was first looking for a decent sized SSD drive, buried deeply in the listings were some very small sized drives that were obviously some of the very first SSD drives they stocked, at some very high silly prices. An example if I remember correctly was an 80GB drive at around £900.00

Now looking for another of the same drive I bought so as I can match them two days ago, those old items now seem to have been culled thankfully.



I find that amusing. I would bet there are more than just electronics to be found. Bell bottoms anyone?