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Windows 11 was released for the general public starting October 5, 2021. The rollout through Windows update has started to the eligible devices and continue until 2022.
Resources for Windows 11 on Microsoft Community:

The following Forum Articles from our Article Authors at Microsoft Community would help to get started with Windows 11, including upgrading manually and a deeper dive at the new features incoming with Windows 11:
Forum articles on Features in Windows 11:

The Forum Articles on Features in Windows 11 are as under:
Support Documents from Microsoft Support:

You can always start a new post for any questions or assistance regarding Windows 11.


Tony D

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Lot of info there. I skimmed over the list of changed/removed features. I wonder is MS will bring some of them back at some point. Wonder why they were removed.

Also checked out the create a local account article. Those were two that interested me right now. I'll get to the others in time.