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This didn't go well. I have to do more to the server to make sure the new version works with the other software. I will be taking the server offline at various times during the evening hours over the course of the next 3 or 4 days to get everything upgraded.
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This has started. So far these are done:

PHP upgraded to PHP 7.0.2 also switched to 64bit version from 32bit version.
Imagemagick updated to to 6.9.3 also 64bit version.

Next up:

MariaDB upgrade to 10.1.10 from 32bit to 64bit.
ElasticSearch upgrade to 2.1.1 with 32bit to 64bit change. This is the tough one so I'm doing it last.

Once these are down you should see a fairly big performance gain. That's if I don't break anything.
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