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I have added chatroom to the site. It will show on the forum index as a small chatbox. You can also access the full chat by using the Chat link in the navigation bar or by clicking the title on the chatbox.

If you would prefer not to view the chatbox above the forums on the index page then you can edit your preferences and set it to not display. Once you do that the chatbox will be hidden and only be accessible by using the Chat link.

This is just one of the many improvements you will see over the course of the next few weeks. We are going to be making the site more social for our users. We want to be more than a tech help site.

Also the site domain will be changing as will the name. The new url will be and the site name will simple be Free PC Help Forum.Org. This is being done gradually so that all external and internal links will still be active and not result in a 404 error.

In an effort to re-brand the site and make us different from the many tech help sites we will also be unveiling 2 fresh new styles. They are already turned on and available for use. One is Called Free PC Help Forum v3 Default which will eventually be the new default style and the other is called Free PC Help Forum v3. You can switch to them by using the style chooser. I will slowly turn off the old styles until only the new ones are active. Feedback on the new styles is appreciated so that I can make any adjustments to them.

These are exciting times at Free PC Help Forum and we hope that it makes your experience while visiting the site an enjoyable one.
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