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Jan 4, 2013
Silver Spring MD
I was actually using IE 11 at first but gave Edge a shot. After a couple of days I found aspects that I was unaware of. Unless I am checking out a YouTube video about VMs or something like that, I am on Edge instead of the Chrome I was used to using.
I wish MS made a phone like Android does as I like F+F's etc. much better than Drive and docs. But I strayed a bit here. Edge is for me too.
Nov 19, 2003
Florida U.S.A.
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Site software and styles all updated to the newest version of xenforo. This was a major point upgrade so if you find any bugs or if something doesn't seem right post in the suggestions forum and let me know.
Jul 19, 2014
The forums look great Bob you have been doing some work I see. I like how everything is sectioned off now to look more simple but have a wider default view and I like the overall default forum style and width. Great job!
Nov 19, 2003
Florida U.S.A.
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Thanks. Still more work to do. We are getting more people visiting the site then ever before and they are staying on the site for long periods of time reading the threads. They need to sign up and start posting. I am sure that will happen. Trick was to get traffic up and keep them reading. Natural progression is for them to start signing. up.
Nov 19, 2003
Florida U.S.A.
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Upgraded to latest version of the software and also did some housecleaning. Removed unused addons and the styles that were hidden and no longer in use.

As always let me know if you find any problems.
Nov 19, 2003
Florida U.S.A.
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It was upgrade day today. I have upgraded the Resource section and search software. Everything should run smooth, but, if you notice anything broken let me know.
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