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Windows 8.1
How do you manage the password of a specified local administrator account to help keep your organization secure? By regularly rotating the password and backing it up with Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS). With the legacy solution, you could only do this with Active Directory (AD) on premises, but new capabilities make it easy to manage cloud and hybrid environments, too. For cloud environments, we're excited to introduce new ways to leverage LAPS with Intune and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Which one's your cup of tea?

small?v=v2&px=200.png Time to learn: 84 minutes


Windows LAPS overview

Start here to learn about LAPS. Get the overview of supported platforms, benefits, key scenarios, restrictions, policies, management, and main differences between the new and legacy solutions. A lot has changed with the April 11, 2023 update!

(5 mins)

LAPS + AD + AAD + Windows 10 + Windows 11 + Server + DSRM + CSP + Group Policy + Legacy


Managing local admin account passwords in AD and Azure AD

Look inside at the design and implementation of the new and improved LAPS on premises and in the cloud. See the new Configuration Service Provider (CSP), Windows Server Active Directory new features, new Group Policy Object (GPO), automatic password reset, and more.

(21 mins)

Admin + Passwords + MDM + AD + AAD + SCP + GPO + ADUC + PowerShell + Intune


By popular demand: Windows LAPS available now!

Read the announcement of new features and capabilities available on premises with the April 11, 2023 security update. Get a sneak peek at the cloud management capabilities coming soon. Check out the steps and screenshots of the improved experience.

(6 mins)

AD + AAD + Legacy + Native + Microsoft Graph + Intune + CSP + Group Policy + Hybrid + Pro + EDU + Enterprise + Server


LAPS configuration service provider (CSP)

Manage backup of local administrator account passwords with LAPS CSP. Consult a list of all LAPS configuration service provider nodes. Find actions and descriptions of framework properties with easy copy-paste code.

(17 mins)

CSP + GPO + Device + Pro + Enterprise + Education + Windows SE + AD + AAD + AADJ


Windows LAPS management through Microsoft Intune

Find prerequisites and a walkthrough of several key LAPS experiences in Intune. Specifically, learn to manage Windows LAPS policies, view the local admin password for a specific device, rotate a local admin password, and audit logs.

(7 mins)

Intune + Endpoint Security + Account Protection + AAD + GPO + Audit + Logs


Manage Windows LAPS with Microsoft Intune policies

Use Microsoft Intune endpoint security policies for account protection to manage LAPS on devices enrolled in Intune. See all capabilities, prerequisites, permissions, and frequently asked questions in this official documentation.

(9 mins)

Intune + AAD + AADJ + HAADJ + CSP + RBAC + Admin + Password + Backup + Rotate + Windows 11 + Windows 10


Use Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) with Azure AD (preview)

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) support for Windows LAPS is in public preview! Read about the requirements, how to enable LAPS with Azure AD, recover local admin passwords, list all Windows LAPS enabled devices, audit password update and recovery, and manage Conditional Access policies, among other tips.

(8 mins)

AAD + PtH + RBAC + Conditional Access + CSP + GPO + AADJ + HAADJ + MS Graph + API + PowerShell + MDM


Introducing Windows Local Administrator Password Solution with Microsoft Entra (Azure AD)

Learn how to secure your devices joined to Azure AD with LAPS. This also applies to hybrid-joined devices. Walk through the screenshots of setting up LAPS, as well as recovering, resetting, and auditing local administrator passwords.

(6 mins)

AAD + Entra + Intune + CSP + MS Graph + API + PowerShell + RBAC + PtH + Conditional Access + Endpoint Security


Legacy LAPS at Official Microsoft Download Center

Interested in the legacy on-premises solution? See details, system requirements, and installation instructions. Hit that Download button when you're ready!

(5 mins)

That's a wrap for legacy LAPS, new and improved LAPS for on-premises management, and cloud-ready LAPS. Try out the public preview of LAPS with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune support today!

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