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Neither Extreme Tech Support or its staff will be held liable or legally responsible for anything that happens in this forum. It is up to you to make a decision on whether to buy, sell or trade with our members. This forum is only provided as a convenience.

Use of this forum is at your own risk.

For further information on protecting yourself in online transactions, please visit the

By posting and responding to threads in this forum you agree to follow these Rules and Guidelines and agree to the disclaimer listed at the bottom:

Buy, Sell and Trade Forum Access
  • Only members that have been promoted to the Active Members group or have contributed 10 posts to the community will have access to post in this forum.
Buy, Sell and Trade Forum Usage and Acceptable Activities
  • Buy, Sell and Trade Forum is for non-commercial use. You must own the items or services you intend to sell or trade.
    The following explains what staff consider to be commercial use
    • If you purchased the item elsewhere with the specific intent to sell it at a profit then that is considered commercial.
    • If you purchased the item through your business allowing you to buy it at wholesale prices then that is commercial.
  • The Buy, Sell and Trade Forum is here for members of Extreme Tech Support to buy, sell or trade computer related items.
  • Items that are not allowed to be posted for sale or trade in this forum include any illegal, stolen or pirated items or services that violate any applicable law. Also anything that violates our Rules and Guidelines.
  • Posts that violate this rule will be removed and your access to Extreme Tech Support will be revoked and we may report you to law enforcement as necessary and without notice to you.
  • Please write detailed titles that describe your what you are selling, trading or want to buy.
  • Post detailed descriptions in your threads.
  • Include condition of the item, shipment or other restrictions, a picture or anything else the buyer should know about it.
  • Clearly specify how you want to be paid, or how you prefer to pay in your threads. Keep in mind this is an International forum with members from around the globe so some payment methods might not be available to all members.
  • Do not add any hidden fees, to cover Paypal or transfer fees when finalizing a deal. Be upfront and disclose everything in your thread.
  • Do not post only external links or links to another forum with the items you want to sell or trade.
  • Add all relevant information to your thread and then place links as needed as long as the previous conditions are met.
  • If you have sold or are selling items on eBay as part of your thread, please post a link to your screen name so users can verify your previous history and eBay feedback.
  • Update your thread as necessary to make changes or to advise when something has been sold or is no longer available.
  • Items that are offered for sale here should be offered to the users in the order that they responded to the for sale thread.
  • Threads that have been inactive for 30 days will be considered closed.
Buy Sell and Trade Forum General Conduct
  • This is not a discussion forum, please keep replies on topic, excessive off topic posting will result in removal of your access to this forum.
  • No posting of personal information (phone number, street address etc) in this forum. This is for your personal safety and security.
  • Don't ask for donations or freebies.
  • Please take transactions here seriously.
  • This forum is not to be used for announcements of sales on other sites.
Buy, Sell and Trade Forum Advice and Tips
  • Use this forum is at your own risk.
  • Be sure to do some research before buying, selling or trading anything, both on the member (member posts, how long has the poster been a member here .) and the product offered. You are responsible for the outcome of any deals made in this forum. There are quite a few scammers out there on the internet, so be careful.
  • If a deal seems to be too good to be true then there is a good chance that it is. If you see any threads that don't seem right then please report it and let staff handle it.
  • Credit cards and trusted transaction sites are always recommended to use for payment, but be sure to read their TOS before using them. Also beware of any fraudulent services.

  • Never use a wire transfer or any direct banking.
  • Use your common sense in all deals, both if you're the buyer or seller. Don't overprice your items, do some research on similar or previous sales to find good prices.
  • It is the personal responsibility of each member to follow the Rules and Guidelines listed above, as well as the Extreme Tech Support Rules and Guidelines. It is your responsibility to do proper research before agreeing on anything.
Buy Sell and Trade Forum Administration

Our Staff will have nothing to do with private transactions, however if any user is found to be abusing this forum to scam or otherwise cause other damage to our members they will be banned immediately.

All available information on the abusing user including IP address, e-mail address and any other personal details will be handed over to the proper authorities and law enforcement as needed or required to conduct any investigations, to find the scammers real identity and to help recover stolen merchandise or funds.

Buy Sell and Trade Forum Disclaimer

If your post or thread does not conform to the above staff reserve the right to delete any and all of your threads in this forum. We also reserve the right to block any user from this forum for any reason. If you are in doubt about something please contact a staff member before posting a thread in this forum.

Extreme Tech Support will not be held liable or legally responsible for anything that happens in this forum. We are not responsible for any transactions made by our members. All sales and transactions are done at buyers and sellers discretion and all risks are assumed by those parties only. Extreme Tech Support staff cannot help to resolve any disputes. It is up to the parties involved to settle any disputes.

While these Rules and Guidelines cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any further actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums and our users are not disrupted or abused in any way. In addition to the rules above Extreme Tech Support staff reserve the right to remove, edit, delete or close any thread or post for any reason. They also hold the right to ban members from Extreme Tech Support or revoke access to the Buy, Sell and Trade at their own discretion. We reserve the right to update and modify these Rules and Guidelines as the needed to ensure the smooth operation of Extreme Tech Support.
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