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I would like to use two USB Headsets, so two people can watch a movie at the same time from one Computer. USB Hubs won't work. Don't want to use Desktop speakers
because the constant noise I feel would frighten my Pet.......
Windows7 x 64 Bit
Windows only allows one audio Device at a time. Don't want to buy a USB Buddy Adaptor.
Anyone one know of a way to trick Windows into allowing two Audio Devices at one time?


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Thanks for your input,Tony. I have analogue headsets but they are old hat and no way I would go through setting them up. I have had USB headsets for ages and will never go back. I like plug and Play.
I have researched this on the Net for many hrs, and no luck as yet without buying a USB Buddy adaptor.

This is no big deal but thought on occasions it would be nice to watch some movies together.

What I am searching for now is some Audio software program that will take over Windows Audio as default and maybe has Stereo Mix and can do it that way. Must work with Skype also.

Not that important as it's not worth buying Hardware to do that.
Now more of a challenge than anything. May get lucky.:)


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I say, buy some quality surround sound speakers and let the pets get used to it. That's what I did with all my dogs. But then audiophile quality sound reproduction was my first love in consumer electronics before I got into computer way back in the 70s. So I might be a bit biased! ;)

Otherwise, you are right and Windows only wants to see 1 device at a time (and still have both remain in sync with the audio source). You might consider something like an external audio receiver via the Line Out from your computer and a splitter to two headsets. The problem there is volume. If you connect two headsets in parallel via a splitter (on the receiver or your computer's sound ports), the volume to both will be greatly decreased. And most audio devices will not allow you to turn up the gain (volume) too much because they (the device makers, or rather their shysters) don't want to get sued for bursting eardrums. And the headsets would have be identical or else one set would be louder than the other. And also, when you put two loads (resistance) in parallel, total resistance (the load on the amps) actually goes down. And Ohm's Law dictates that when resistance goes down, current goes up. And when current goes up, so does heat - which is then hard on the amp.

So headsets/speakers via a splitter is not a good idea anyway you look at it.

Depending on your sound device, you can sometimes turn the Mic input jack into an output jack. In that event, you can indeed use two headsets (or one headset and one set of speakers). Adjusting volumes to a comfortable level for each set may still be an issue but worth checking out. See this and good luck.

And back to the pets, they really do get used to it pretty quick, unless you have a monster sub-woofer rattling all the windows and knickknacks on the shelves! :D


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Thanks Digerati. Will take in all you have advised.
I tried a splitter and only one headset would work at a time. Tried a powered usb Hub and the same result.
Same on Skype. Either headset will work when that headset is nominated.But not together.
Will consider your alternative.
Still looking as well for a third party software that may do it. Thinking there would be a volume issue as you have said.
Will update a little later.
Thanks again.


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I am surprised the second headset would not work at all with a splitter. I suspect it really was working but the volume was so low, you just could not hear it. If you had two identical headsets, I bet you could hear them both with a splitter, but the volume on both sets may then be unacceptably low.

I wonder if a BT setup would work? I have heard of pairing more than one BT headset to a cell phone so two joggers, for example, could listen to the same music. And I know you can get BT headsets for motorcycle helmets so both riders can listen to the same music source - and communicate with each other too. So it can be done.


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Firstly I would like to thank Digerati and Tony for trying to help me achieve my goal of using two USB headsets on one Computer, so two could watch the same Movie together, when the situation arose.
After trying a number of software programs I have been successful with one free program.
Each headset works perfect with it's own volume control and crystal clear without any Latency issues whatsoever.
This is the program that worked called Voice Meeter.


In the Control Panel under Sounds (Playback) I made Voice Meeter input as the default.


Each headset has it's own Volume control and Volume not diminished in any way.


I have tested with Movies, Skype and Paltalk. Should work with Games.
This is only half the Control Panel. The other half is for setting up Mic.
I posted this "How To" as it may help others, who would like to do likewise sometime.:)


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Thanks Pete.
Works great. It also has a Mic Stereo Mix if you want to change your voice.