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With the release of Windows 2012 it was time to look to the future of this site. Staff and I discussed our options and it was decided that we should look to the future and also the past to support not only Windows 2008, but, also Windows 2012 and any previous or upcoming release of Windows Server software.

What has changed?

Nothing other than the name of the site and some slight re-alignment of the forums. Everything else is the same. All your bookmarks will work and all your information is still the same.

The style has also changed. New domain means new style. The old style is still available for you to use, but, it is advised you use the new style since I will be removing the old one in time. It is not fully compatible with the version of software we use so it will only be available for a short time.

I'd like to now welcome all of you to the new Microsoft Server Forum.