Windows Vista is dead


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Aug 12, 2014
Dorset, England, UK
I'm not exactly a novice so if I had a problem with persistence, I suspect a new user to linux might have a problem.
Personally I did not have a problem with persistence but found having the operating system installed on the memory stick allowed me more flexibility to use all the available space on the stick. With memory sticks relatively cheap nowadays it's possible to include several extra programs in addition to those included with the operating system.

I don't know why you should have had a problem with the save folder in Puppy Linux. When closing down after the first run you are offered two things: first to save the sfs file to disk to speed up future booting and secondly to create a save folder in one of the ext file system formats. If you opt for both or one of these, Puppy walks you through the process. If you want to use the Puppy disk or usb stick on another system then you are given these options again when you close the session on the new machine.
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