Word Pad in XP behaving erratically


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After successfully typing 3 single-space lines in Word Pad,
it has decided to double-space everything.

I don't know what triggers its erratic behavior or how to
make it behave.

This happened on and off over the years (I don't use Word
Pad very much, mostly for things to place in My Documents).
However, it's getting more frequent.

I'm going to save what I typed so far and restart. Will post
if that resolves it. Wish me luck.


I've had that happen with Word before. The problem in my case was an inadvertent click on the setting to double space everything. I know not much help, but, maybe that is what happened to you.


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Restart did not help. It would not allow me to single-space
whatever I tried to add to what I had previously typed.

I looked at all the options on top of the page; I could not find
anything that offered single spacing. Maybe it's there and I
just don't see it.

I retyped everything, finished the paragraph, deleted the
stubborn one, cut-and-pasted the new one in the empty
space. Worked! I've done this before, but it can be so
time-consuming .. :(

May this be the most annoying thing I face the rest of
my life! .. ;)

Thanks for you reply, AWS.