YAHOOL mail letter disappears


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I'm using XP Pro.

When I clicked to open a letter in Yahoo Mail's inbox, it flashed briefly
and then disappeared. Searched Deleted and Spam boxes; not in

I've had a few letters disappear in Outlook Express over the years,
but never any Yahoo mail.

I wonder if I'm doing something wrong (trigger-happy with the
mouse?). And perhaps that's the cause of the problem I'm also
having with Word Pad in XP that I mentioned in my previous


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The mouse is not that new. I bought it to replace one that
may have had a short in the cord. However, I should have
taken to heart the critical reviews that complained that at
times one had to press hard more than once to open

I did buy a new one recently, along with two of those extension
cables you recommended. My neighbor will install the new
mouse and reinstall my new keyboard, connecting them to
the tower instead of the stand-alone USB port.

Thanks for your input and wise advise, Cindy.