1. AWS

    Switched to SSL

    Google has changed policy and will treat any site that requires a user to log in as insecure unless they switch to using SSL. This takes effect after the first of the year. To make sure it doesn't get us delisted, which is the penalty, I have switched the site over to SSL. Until I run a few...
  2. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    Dell apologizes for laptop security scare, will remove vulnerability today

    Dell has been shipping an SSL certificate on a number of its laptops, generating security concerns that hackers could misuse the certificate to spy on web traffic. After being made aware of the problem yesterday, Dell says "we deeply regret that this has happened and are taking steps to address...
  3. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    Two Dell laptop models are shipping with a Superfish-style certificate hack

    Dell users may have a serious security problem on their hands, thanks to an unorthodox SSL certificate that comes pre-installed on a number of the company's laptops. The certificate is called eDellRoot, first discovered by a programmer named Joe Nord, and because of Dell's pre-installed...